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Administrative Structure

General Information
Historical Background
Administrative Structure
Philosophy and Objectives
Mission Relevance
Academic Pattern
Admission Procedure
Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture,Umudike


    The Registrar works under the Vice-Chancellor as the Chief Administrative officer of the University and provides secretarial services for the Council, Senate, Congregation and Convocation. The Registrar handles all formal University correspondence on appointments, resignations, contracts, supplies, legal and property matters.

    The Registry Department is divided into the following divisions:

    1. Council and General Administration which takes care of all matters as well as the day to day administrative duties;
    2. The Establishment Division deals with all staff (Academic and Non-academic) matters, including Welfare and Pensions;
    3. The Academic Division deals with Admission, Examinations and Records as well as other matters relating to the academic aspect of student life.

    The Registry also provides at various levels administrative support staff for services at the colleges, the Faculty and all other units of the University.


    The Bursary Department headed by the Bursar is responsible for all financial matters of the University. The department carries out the following functions:

    1. Documentation and recording of all financial transactions of the University-Income and Expenditure
    2. Collection of Students fees and payment of bursary and scholarship awards;
    3. Preparation of periodic financial statements for Management, NUC and Council
    4. Preparation and payment of staff salaries, allowances, pensions and gratuities;
    5. Custody of cash, cheques, contracts, Insurance, etc.
    Its Students' Accounts section is located at the Delta Park area of the University. The Bursary also maintains Finance Units in all the Colleges/Faculties of the University to facilitate students' financial matters.


    The Works and Services Department, headed by the Director of Works and Services is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the maintenance and up-keep of all infrastructure such as buildings, water supply system, electricity distribution system, roads, drains as well as the grounds. The department is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of student' hostels, classrooms as well as the University's owned and rented houses. The department also handles utility matters i.e., light and water. The department maintains the grounds and gardens on the Parks too.





















































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