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Historical Background

General Information
Historical Background
Administrative Structure
Philosophy and Objectives
Mission Relevance
Academic Pattern
Admission Procedure
Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture,Umudike


The Federal University of Agriculture Umudike was established as a specialized University by a Federal Government of Nigeria Decree No 48 of November 1992. It began formal activities in May 1993 with the appointment of the first Council and Vice- Chancellor. Professor Placid C. Njoku on 27th May 1993, while other key officials of the University were appointed later.

The institution is located in the well known Agricultural Training and Research city of Umudike about 10 kilometers from Umuahia town the capital of Abia State. The major link road to the University is the Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene Federal Road, a direct route to the State capitals of Abia Akwa-Ibom and Cross River States. Being close to Umuahia the University is linked through a major North-South Express Road to most part of the country. It commenced its activities on the premises of the former Federal College of Agriculture, Umudike.

The Federal University of Agriculture Umudike is envisioned to be a University par excellence and hopes to help the peoples of Nigeria and beyond through the provision of practical knowledge for agricultural transformation in order to achieve sustainable food production.

The first set of students were admitted into the institution during the 1993/94 academic year with a student population of 82. It was the intention of the University to gradually increase the number of students to a target of 1,700 total enrolment at the end of the first 5 years and 3.000 to 3.500 total enrolments by the end of the second 5 years.

One of the responsibilities of a university is to impact understanding of the processes that govern human experience. Therefore the Federal University of Agriculture, Umudike as a specialized tertiary institution can impart understanding of the processes that relate environment, and how these processes can be harnessed for the production of food and fibre to meet human needs without degradation of the natural environment. It is the plan of the University to serve the people of Nigeria and the world through education, manpower, development and quality research aimed at development of technologies that will overcome major constraints to agricultural production. This is the University does through a range of activities carried out in its programmes.

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