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General Information

General Information
Historical Background
Administrative Structure
Philosophy and Objectives
Mission Relevance
Academic Pattern
Admission Procedure
Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture,Umudike

General Information


    The main administrative structure of the University is as specified by the University of Port Harcourt Degree No. 84 and as amended by the Universities Miscellaneous degree 11. The Principal Officers of the University are: the Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, Bursar and the University Librarian.

    The Council

    The Council is the highest policy-making body which meets at least three times every year. It is the governing body of the university and has power under the University degree, to manage and adjudicate on matters regarding the administration and finances of the University except those not otherwise provided for by the University of Port Harcourt Decree. The Federal Government as specified by the University Decree appoints the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council, the Vice-Chancellor and the outside members of the Council. The representatives of the University on the Council are elected from the Senate and Congregation.

    The Senate

    The Senate is presided over by the Vice-Chancellor. The membership of Senate includes the Vice-Chancellor, the two Deputy Vice-Chancellors, the provost, College of Health Sciences, Deans of Faculties, Heads of Departments and Directors of Institutes, all Professors, the University Librarian and members of academic staff elected by the Faculties of Congregation or those appointed by the Vice-Chancellor as specified in the University Act. It has the paramount responsibility of organizing and controlling the teaching of the University, the admission of students, the discipline of students, and of promoting research. It receives and decides on the recommendations and reports from the Boards of Faculties and all other academic units.






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